2020 Events

There's nobody more passionate about women's sexual health and women's health than Dr. Troy Hailparn. One event attendee described her this way: "Dr. Hailparn is very personable and approachable and she makes it easy for anyone to discuss their concerns; even when you're in a group of 30 people."
  • February 20

    Pink Warrior Angels

    The Pink Warrior Angels is a wonderful support group for breast cancer survivors. Dr. Hailparn will be discussing how ThermiVA can help female cancer survivors with issues around menopause. The group will be meeting at the Faust Hotel and Brewpub, 240 S Seguin Ave, New Braunfels, TX.

  • February 23

    Alamo City Moms Annual Moms Night Out Event

    This is a great event which includes shopping, drinks, fun, pampering, and more in a night designed just for you, mama! Dr. Hailparn will be there to answer all your women's health questions. The event will be at the Briscoe Western Art Museum from 7-9:30p. 210 W Market St.


    Stone Oak Ladies Night Out

    It's Lip Sync Night. 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Franklin Park Sonterra - 18323 Sonterra Pl. Come by for fun. Dr. Hailparn will have a booth and will be answering questions and handing out some discounts.

  • MARCH 5-8

    International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) Meeting

    This is a major meeting in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Hailparn will be presenting poster and abstract presentations on her research into "The Effects of Radiofrequency on Female Sexual Health."

  • March 13-15

    International Society of Cosmeto-Gynecology (ISCG) Meeting

    This meeting focuses on cosmetic gynecology. Dr. Hailparn will be there to get the latest information on procedures and treatments that are helping women.

  • APRIL 24-27

    The American College of Ob/Gyn (ACOG)’s Annual Clinical Meeting

    Poster presentation on “The Effect of Labiaplasty on Patients’ Perceptions of Their Genitals”, Seattle, Washington.

  • June 25-26

    Labiaplasty Training Course

    Dr. Hailparn will be holding her very popular labiaplasty training course. If you're a physician interested in learning labiaplasty procedures, call our office to register for the course. 210-615-6646.

  • JULY 9-12

    The Aesthetics Show

    Dr. Hailparn will be at The Aesthetics Show, in Las Vegas, sharing the latest information on radiofrequency's (such as ThermiVA) impact on women's sexual health with her colleagues. The Aesthetic Show has led the way as an influential event dedicated to the rapidly-expanding field of aesthetic medicine. Unique in its multidisciplinary approach, The Aesthetic Show unites physicians across various medical disciplines to learn trailblazing techniques and discover the groundbreaking solutions redefining the current and future trends in medical aesthetics.

  • AUGUST 1

    MommyCon in Houston, TX.

    Dr. Hailparn will be there. Her talk is titled: “Life-Changing Issues Ob/Gyns Should Talk About but Don’t.”

  • SEPTEMBER 10-11

    Labiaplasty Training Course

    Dr. Hailparn's labiaplasty training course for physicians. If you're a physician interested in learning labiaplasty procedures, call our office to register for the course. 210-615-6646.

  • SEPTEMBER 17-18

    World Congress on Gynecology and Obstetrics (WCGO), Vancouver, Canada

    International event, attracting global participants intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of Gynecology & Obstetrics and latest developments.


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